In 1983, Rev. Leslie Virgo was asked to run a series of Workshops at the Selsdon Park Convention for the family members of alcoholic and drug addicted doctors and dentists and also to provide counselling sessions: from this grew the Families Group of BDDG!

The Families Group of BDDG is an independent self-help group which offers help, support and recovery for all family members who are suffering, or have suffered, from the effects of a doctor’s or dentist’s alcohol or drug addiction.

The Families Groups meet monthly, usually in adjacent rooms and at the same time as BDDG meetings.

When attempts at helping the drinking/drug using doctor or dentist have apparently failed, if the spouse/partner attends Families Group meetings, very often the partner doctor or dentist eventually joins BDDG.

Like the Doctors and Dentists  in BDDG who are also members of AA or NA, many family members become involved in AI-Anon (a fellowship for relatives and friends of alcoholics) or Families Anon (a fellowship for relatives and friends concerned about the use of drugs) and this also gives additional helpful support.

Unfortunately, a high percentage of doctors’ and dentists’ marriages have encountered difficulties before the doctor or dentist comes into recovery, but, in recovery, reconciliation is frequently possible.

For information about the BDDG Families Group nationally, and details about meetings of the Families Group, call Rory O’. at 07725 972866 or email

Podcasts about Al-Anon are available from the Al-Anon website.