County Durham and North East England

The County Durham & North East of England Branch of BDDG meet on the first Thursday of every month at 7.30pm.
Meeting Rooms: ‘Cornerstones’, Chester-le-Street Methodist Church, North Burns, Chester-le-Street. County Durham. DH3 3TF.

The meetings are principally ‘face-2-face’ in a large airy room but, having adopted the technology for on-line Zoom meetings during the Covid pandemic, we have decided to continue to offer this facility for those who are not able to attend in person, in order to improve our accessibility!

We will continue to promote the benefit of the closer, more profound mutual support and fellowship found in physical meetings, and encourage all to join our group in person, when possible.

ZOOM Meeting ID & Password are available from Robin W, Will R and Julia S – see below.

The Group is closely connected to the BDDG ‘All Areas’ Zoom meeting, available from 7pm-8pm every Monday evening.

ZOOM Meeting ID & Password available from Julia or Robin – see below.

The Group also runs a local WhatsApp group for members use between meetings!

The Group is made up of medical and dental colleagues who have been through, or are still going through, the consequences of addiction to alcohol and/or drugs.

We know how frightening and isolating it can be …. we have all had to face the same feelings of confusion, guilt, shame, fear and hopelessness!

But …… we have discovered the unique benefit of being able to share our problems in a safe and confidential setting with others, who, because they have faced, or are still to face similar life events, are in complete empathy.

There exists a great deal of accumulated knowledge and experience within the group about recovery from addiction and its personal and professional consequences, which is openly discussed between members.

Just as important as the practical psychological support and advice offered, is a shared companionship and friendship rarely found in other circumstances.

Regular attendance at BDDG meetings and belonging to a Group supporting physical, emotional and professional recovery not only optimises maintained abstinence, but also provides a feeling of fellowship which means the newcomer to the Group never again has to feel alone .

Whatever concerns you have about your relationship with alcohol or drugs use, you are very welcome to join our Group of colleagues in their journey to lasting recovery.

If you live or work in the North East of England, please use the telephone numbers below for further details, including the ‘Meeting ID’ and ‘Password’ for our current ZOOM meetings.

Robin:  07801 462474

Will:  07769 626779

Julia:  07523 138520

If you would prefer email, please use, and a Group member will respond!