Mr Andy Brady

Andy was born in Glasgow, in 1946 and joined the Merchant Navy in June 1964, serving until June 1974.

On 07 June.1974 Andy was introduced to Bill W. & Dr. Bob S., and has been their ‘friend’ ever since …… i.e. he was introduced to the 12 Step Journey as a way of life and endeavours to walk it on a daily basis.

For Andy, and for all who are involved in in this journey, this brought about changes in all aspects of life and he had to retrain his thinking, behaviour and his professional life!

Andy went into the Construction Industry and trained as a Rigger Erector working in Specialist Scaffolding. This took him into the Entertainment world where he was involved at Lords, Queens, Wimbledon, Silverstone, the Scottish Open, and various race tracks. He was regularly at the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow as the ‘Gaffer’ for a couple of BBC Directors’ camera crews.

In 1992, he created ‘Soundsguid2us’, a Voluntary Service, to provide quality sound recording and production facilities to organisations who could not afford to hire a ‘Sound’ company.

Andy recruited new ‘friends’ of Bill W. & Dr. Bob and helped to train any, and all, who were hungry to learn …. a lot of success for the participants came out of this!

Andy and his team produced recordings of 12 Step Fellowship talks, workshops, teachings, like the Joe & Charlie Big Book Study, and of many well-known speakers in the Fellowship.

They also recorded talks and teachings from Parishioners to Cardinals of the RC Church, including Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa OFM, Preacher to the Papal Household, Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

Amongst the many other recordings by ‘Soundsguid2us’ were productions from Liverpool Cathedral for the Millennium Service, the opening of Glasgow Cathedral and for the Bishop’s Inauguration. the visit of the Dalai Lama to Glasgow and a talk on King Robert the Bruce by Lord Elgin, who has a direct blood line to Robert the Bruce.

Together with his ‘friends’, Andy created a free service of these recordings to Prisons and the Housebound in the Scottish Islands and from Inverness to Marbella, from Dublin to Heidelberg, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Nepal to all 12 Step Fellowships who needed them

Sadly, the internet boom forced ‘Soundsguid2us’ to close as their upkeep was met by donations and the sale of the recordings!

Andy met Kevin C. from BDDG in the Central Hotel, Glasgow, in 1997 where Kevin asked if he would do the ‘Doc ‘n’ Dents’! Andy answered ‘Yes! ….. provided he could have the first year to make any mistakes the second year to fix them and so on and so on!

Andy was invited to be an Honorary Member of BDDG on Saturday 07 October 2017 at the 2017 Annual BDDG Convention when it was also announced that was he retiring as the Sound Engineer for the Conventions.

Andy has been a steadfast friend to all of us in BDDG over the last 20 years …. he has provided the P.A. system for our Annual Conventions as well as recording the Academic Day presentations and the general ‘shares’ of members.

Andy has always befriended and connected with delegates at each Convention!